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Teak Peek

There is no denying that Mid-Century interiors are well and truly back in vogue. Shop online at your favourite stores or flick through the pages of interiors magazines and there is plenty of mid-century inspiration to be found.

I love the simple, modernist styling of vintage furniture created in the 50’s and 60’s but have to admit find it difficult to give in to having a house full of teak!  At Beautiful Pig we look for pieces of quality vintage furniture that we are able to re-finish to fit into any modern home. So by adding colour and sometimes new hardware we are able to create mid-century pieces accessible to all styles of interiors.

This is ‘Morris’ a mid century bureau that was given a smart and sophisticated re-design.  I love the deep inky blue of Farrow and Ball’s Inchyra blue on this piece which compliments the teak legs perfectly. Finding the right handle for this piece was important as we wanted to retain the clean simple lines whilst creating a modern feature. We finally settled on using a whiskey tan leather loop handle which adds a real contemporary twist.

This is ‘Lowe’ a 1950’s chest of drawers that was specifically chosen for its mix of mid century and classic styling. A perfect fit for either a modern or classic interior. We chose to re-finish this solid chest of drawers with Farrow and Ball’s Oval Room Blue, a blackened, muted blue that fits perfectly with a neutral grey palette. The original teak highlights worked perfectly to give this piece a classic mid-century style and the original handles were so unique they had to stay!

At Beautiful Pig we take time to source quality pieces of vintage furniture and re-design these to create contemporary pieces for all styles of interiors. All pieces are sanded, primed using the appropriate Farrow and Ball primer and finished using a Farrow and Ball eggshell paint.